Friday, April 6, 2007


Men Want To Please All Women

Men love sex, it is the best thing in the world and they know that women love it just as much. A man wants to know if he pleases his woman. He wants to feel adequate and virile for her. If she says he pleases her, he wants to know if he pleases her the most she could ever be pleased, because he worries that the competition might please her even more.
This instinct is so deep-seated that even those men who are perfectly happy with that one special woman, will always want to be sure that they are still competitive. Because of women's natural tendency to be promiscuous, a man unconsciously worries that one day he might lose her to a more virile competitor. Of course, a man is by nature even more promiscuous than a woman, which creates an instinctive need to be able to pleasure all women, not just the one he is dating.
John, a 40-year-old bank employee, describes it as follows:
"I have all I could ever want in life; job, money, married to and in love with a great woman. Our sex is great. I am rather small down there but so is she and I fit tight like a spark plug. I just want to know that I can satisfy other women out there. Although I have no intention to ever cheat on my wife, I really worry about that."
Cynthia, a stripper from Toronto, talked about her boyfriend:
"He keeps on worrying about his penis. It is thick but not long. I tell him that it is big enough for me but he still worries. My doctor says I have a rather short vagina. So of course he is long enough for me. What is he worrying about!?"
...Sorry girl, he is not worried about not satisfying you,...he is worried about not satisfying the other women.

Sunday, April 1, 2007


Questions, Doubts and Worries About The Importance Of Penis Size

In the last few years penis size has become one of the most talked about topics on the web. The main questions on everybody's mind are "Is penis size important to women?" and "How do I compare?"

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